Path of the Healer Certification Training, Level One
Deborah Wilson

May 16 – 20, 2018
Tulsi Rose Healing
64 March Road
Shelburne, Massachusetts 01370

Path of the Healer Program offers a comprehensive in-depth training in energy medicine. Whether you desire to take an active role in healing yourself and loved ones, integrate this method into your existing wellness practice, or launch a meaningful new career as an Energy Medicine Practitioner, this training is for you. You will experience lasting transformation while learning skills to heal others and the world. This hands-on course teaches powerful effective methods of energy medicine you can easily learn regardless of your experience, and you can use to:

  • Address root blockages to healing on all levels
  • Read and direct energy
  • Open to deeper levels of intuition
  • Empower others to heal themselves

Join us to dive deep into your inner journey and shift your life in profound and surprising ways.

NEW FORMAT! Four 5-day courses over a year
You can enroll in level 1 or all 4 levels. You can sign up for level 1 without committing to next levels.  To become certified as a practitioner, students must complete all four levels, not necessarily within the year, and levels must be taken consecutively.


$750 regular fee by May 2nd
$675 early registration fee by April 16th
LODGING & MEAL FEES (per person per night)
$100 Dorm-style shared room with breakfast, lunch, tea and snack
$140 Private room with breakfast and lunch, tea and snack
$15 Commuter with lunch, tea and snack


Our training will take place at Tulsi Rose Healing in Ashfield Massachusetts. It is a beautiful home with breathtaking views. See photos.

Past Participants Sharings


The Path of the Healer training facilitated deep understandings and gentle breakthroughs for me throughout the year. Deb embodies her message with grace and eloquence and gives time for students to learn and experiment and receive step by step guidance in helping others. Her comprehensive vision of a benevolent universe and the specifics  guidelines she offers on how to experience this vision in a group learning environment have been invaluable to me. – Daniel Kinsey

During the Path of the Healer training, I have learned at least 20 years worth of applied lessons of how to overcome my own self-destructive patterns and how to support others to do the same. The POH is also about learning how to celebrate life by very being open about one’s blockages while embracing the deep healing process. It is about embracing the beautiful current of life flowing underneath any obstructions as well  as embracing the Other as Self. No thanks can really suffice. –  Renata Sylvia Pienkawa, Adjunct Faculty, Smith College

Plunging into the depths of my soul is where Wholeness Energetics has taken me. Into the mysteries, the treasures and the long held beliefs is the journey I’ve taken. I’ve been a seeker my entire life, but have not encountered the depths of transformation that brings consistent change, until I began to work with Wholeness Energetics, both as a client and as a practitioner. There is a spaciousness in my body, mind and spirit that continues to unfold as I release and open to my innermost self. I am eternally grateful for all the layers that Wholeness Energetics has revealed, and bless the day I was brought to this work. – Robin Kassis, Wholeness Energetics Practitioner, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher

Apply today

$300 deposit will hold your spot. Please fill out the application below. Full payment for tuition, meals, and lodging is due before the course begins. You can mail a check made payable to Returning to Wholeness, and mailed to Deborah Wilson, 72 Baker Road, Shutesbury, MA, 01072.

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