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We offer fast and effective approaches to assist you to return to natural states of health, vitality, and creative power. Our unique and powerful system of energy medicine, Wholeness Energetics (WE), is based on the understanding that each of us is whole and complete, and when we experience this, we can tap into our innate healing ability and creative power. We can align with who we truly are.

WE utilizes energy kinesiology to assist us in discovering and addressing blockages to health, vitality, and fulfillment. Grounded in the science of the human energy field, WE incorporates healing methods from traditional Eastern Medicine, of China and India, and from branches of the more modern Energy Medicine.


  • Discover and address root blockages to healing on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and intuitional
  • Create more ease, flow, and joy in your life
  • Discover greater purpose, productivity, and fulfillment
  • Sharpen your intuition, clarity, and decision-making abilities
  • Experience profound transformation in your life

Our Practitioners

413-335-7046 ~

Deborah, founder of Wholeness Energetics, has taught thousands of laypeople and professionals worldwide how to work with the body’s energy systems. She is dedicated to empowering people to heal themselves and others, restore their wholeness, and transform their reality. In an engaging, down-to-earth, approachable manner, Deborah shares her knowledge and 30 years’ experience in the fields of energy medicine and alternative healing. She specializes in working with people who have health challenges that have not resolved through traditional methods, and with people who want more health and harmony in their relationships. She maintains a private practice at the Returning to Wholeness Center in Amherst, Massachusetts, and teaches workshops and training programs internationally.

413-504-3256 ~

As an Advanced Wholeness Energetic Practitioner, Anna facilitates life altering changes by gently guiding her clients into the subconscious mind to root out limiting beliefs. She uses her experience and intuition to assist clients to get past those stuck places. Examples can include life after college, relationship endings, midlife crises, job challenges, etc. As a retired teacher with 20+ years in 12 step programs, Anna deeply understands the addictive process. She feels working with clients is her deepest journey on her spiritual path. Anna sees clients at the Returning to Wholeness Center in Amherst, Massachusetts and via phone and Skype by arrangement.

603-913-4128 ~

Danielle, certified Wholeness Energetics practitioner, skillfully guides her clients towards their inherent wholeness utilizing creative expression. She brings 15+ years experience and study to her specialty in eating dis-orders and body image challenges. Having traversed the depths of her own healing process, she understands the pain of disconnection from Self, and from this experience, brings to her work an abundance of heart-centeredness, wisdom and skill. In her sessions, she gently guides her clients toward insight into their inner world, trust in their intuition, and ultimately, remembrance of their inherent wholeness. Danielle see clients at the Returning to Wholeness Center in Amherst, Massachusetts.





Durga coaches clients to access inner guidance, clear hidden blockages and activate what’s needed to reach their health, growth and life goals.  She specializes in coaching clients to relax, repair and regenerate the body naturally as it is designed to do.  Durga has transformed her own health and life by working with intuition and energy.  Inspired to teach others, she has provided consciousness empowerment training with advanced bio-energetic support since 2007.  Durga is a licensed Spiritual Health Coach and a certified Quantum Health Coach. She is also a certified Specialist in Biofeedback, Stress Management and Pain Management. At the Returning to Wholeness Center in Amherst, Massachusetts, Durga offers Wholeness Energetics as a gentle, incisive system for learning to integrate the body-mind with spirit for results that are life-changing. Read more…


413-883-0589 ~

Jennifer, a Certified Wholeness Energetics Practitioner, brings joy and fellow curiosity to the prospect of exploring how we may get more out of our own ways so that we may better serve our highest and best purpose. She comes to this work from her own transformative healing process, learning how to remember the Self and our enduring inner guidance. Background as an academic and writing coach informs her interest in writer’s (or artist’s) block,  procrastination, and perfectionism. With background too as a mother recovered from postpartum emotional and health complications, she especially welcomes those navigating many stages of mothering. She is particularly committed to caring for caregivers. Jennifer sees clients at the Returning to Wholeness Center in Amherst, Massachusetts and offsite by arrangement.


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